Bali the a Traveller’s Paradise

09 Jul 2021
Bali the a Traveller’s Paradise
Posted by: Anamika

Bali is a very popular tourist friendly Island destination, Bali as a destination boasts of its natural beauty consisting of Beaches, Coral Reefs, Volcanic Mountains and numerous Religious sights, all of which can be experienced in Bali holiday tour package.

The most popular destinations to visit when booking a Bali tour package  includes Kuta, Seminyak, and Nusa Dua 

Kuta is a beach town in Bali, located very near from Ngurah Rai Airport, once upon a time a fishing village, Kuta is now popular for its Surfing and water Sports. Also popular for its shopping areas, with many shops selling goods at very competitive prices. Kuta also boasts of its amazing night life with numerous restaurants and bars serving delicious food, this beach town is must to include when booking your Bali Holiday Tour Package.

Seminyak is one a very stylish town of Bali, which is host to many of the luxury resorts. Although Seminyak is a beach town like Kuta. However, Semniyak beaches offer much more private space and secluded ambience, due to primarily being occupied by Luxurious resorts. This is again a must to include when booking your . A must recommended is to include in your Bali holiday tour package a resort which offers rooms with private pools (yes you hear it right, a room with its own private pool!), you can often book this kind of accommodation in Bali at much reasonable prices, as compared to anywhere else in the world.

Nusa Dua is again a very popular town of Bali and hosts many of the Luxury beach resorts, it is advisable to keep spend some time here when going for a Bali holiday tour package. Nusa Dua hosts some of the most popular beaches of Bali such as Pentai Mengiat, Gerger beach which has a temple on top of the cliff and Sawangan where you can enjoy Camel safari. There as numerous, water sports available here and one can also try water activities such as Snorkeling etc when going for a Bali tour package.

When going for a Bali tour package from India, there are convenient connections available via Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand. You can get a very good deal on flights, if you make your booking well in advance, Airlines like Air Asia at times offer very competitive fares on advance booking.

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